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Community (Page 5)

Spiritual Adventures

This summer and this year I’ve been a part of some spiritual adventures and joyful opportunities. I’ve taken on several roles at the PB UMC family congregation and have loved each one, because of those around it. With that in mind, I do wish to thank all the individuals who take it upon themselves to also be at many places in the time that we have with each other. Because of your time and efforts, we have been capable of…

Prideful Wrap-up

This year is the first year that PB UMC participated at the Pride Festival and hosted a welcoming booth. Despite the downpour of rain, our enthusiastic team of volunteers were a presence of love and hope.

PB UMC Supports Pride

This year, PB UMC will be participating in both the San Diego Pride Parade and the Pride Music Festival! This will be an exciting time to share our deep and profound love and faith with our LGBTQ friends and allies. Don’t miss out!

We All Count

Many of us at PB UMC volunteer our time and resources to help feed our homeless neighbors. We bring blankets and shoes. We collect clothing. These are worthy acts. But what about the next meal? What about the next week or month? Thousands of individuals, families, and unaccompanied children experience homelessness annually in San Diego County. The task of alleviating homelessness can seem daunting. However, it is possible. We can’t fix what we can’t measure. Understanding our homeless allows our…

“When Carol Met Cookie”

A Happily-Ever-After Holiday Story By Lynn ‘Twas many years past, though I recall it as only moments ago; the story of how two loves first discovered each other and the enchantment that meeting would bring to their village. This year you too can discover, or rediscover, the enchantment that happens when Carol and Cookie are together again. Find out for yourself how the story grows when we set out to- gether to share carols with local PB UMC family members;…