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Posts by Bob Rhodes


With the imagery of the fire of the burning bush, death in the plagues, and the dramatic wind, sky, and sea at the crossing of the Red Sea, we conclude this part of the story with the Israelite’s cry for food in the wilderness.


As a human who has spent more than a minute on this earth, I have experienced death. What can we learn from loss and death and how can we be shaped by these lessons?


At our Annual Conference in June, Bishop Hagiya set several ambitious goals for each church in our region.


The story of Moses begins with fire, a divine experience that inspired Moses to grow into one of the greatest leaders of all time.


We all have stuff we get excited about. Is faith something we get excited about??

Step Toward… Your Siblings in Abraham

We continue Paul’s letter with a reminder that the gifts of the Spirit cannot be recalled or undone. Paul’s reminds us that the covenant with Abraham extends to all of Abraham’s descendants. 

Step Out… into Faith

This Sunday we begin a new short series that explores Romans 10-12 and three steps we might consider as people of faith.


This Sunday we conclude our series “The Apostles Tale.” To watch/hear previous sermons from this series, click here. In this closing sermon in the series, we transition from an appropriate conversation about our duties as persons of faith to care for the marginalized and the underprivileged (as Jesus reminds us to care for the hungry and thirsty, as well as the stranger in Matthew 25) to an exploration of God’s promise – a promise made available to all of God’s…