Posts by Bob Rhodes (Page 3)

Posts by Bob Rhodes (Page 3)


The second week of our Mystery series from the book of Job, we hear Job’s lament as he seeks a way to speak directly with God…

Three Pennies

I believe that we are called to shine a light of love and hope in the world, that we should try to make a difference in people’s lives. And sometimes doing so will change our lives too…


The first week of our Mystery series from the book of Job, we begin with an introduction of Job and the first of many trials…

Theological Statements

Theological statements are all around us, from the ways we treat each other to the things we proclaim as a part of our faith. And maybe even more…

Why Stewardship?

October is traditionally our Stewardship season, and we begin with an important question: Why stewardship?

Questions of Faith

For two Sundays, leaders and Pastors will address questions from our congregation on faith, life, theology, and more.

Laboring in Love

This Sunday we conclude our Generation to Generation series looking at how we are known in our community and how we might continue to be known.