Posts by Bob Rhodes (Page 2)

Posts by Bob Rhodes (Page 2)

The Gospels

This fourth Sunday in our series on reading the Bible, we continue our exploration of the sacred texts that make up the Christian Bible with the core writings that help Christians claim their unique identity of faith: the Gospels.

The Hebrew Bible

This third Sunday in our series on reading the Bible, we explore the continuation of the Hebrew Bible including the Torah, the Prophets, and the Wisdom Literature. In doing so, we seek not only God’s wisdom but also how our oldest stories help us to experience God today.

The Creation Stories

This second Sunday in our series on reading the Bible, we explore the creation stories in Genesis and consider important questions about how we understand these early narratives about the beginnings of the world.

A New Thing

In the newness of this new year, may we continually look for the new thing that God has already begun.

Mary, Full of Grace

This final Sunday before Christmas Eve, we look not just through Mary’s eyes, but at Mary herself and how she responded to life-changing news…

Amazed, Astounded and Astonished

This week’s message continues our Advent journey looking at the story through Mary’s eyes. This story focuses on Jesus youth, and is a reminder that his childhood was not likely one that could be described as normal…

Gratitude (Part 2)

There is so much work that is done by members of this congregation that it’s hard to name it all. And it is good and right to remember to say “thanks” to all who participate in this incredible work!

Beginning with the End

This week’s message begins the Advent season and the Christian year. Specifically, we prepare for Christmas by exploring Jesus through the eyes of his mother, Mary. And through this lens, we begin at the end.


This week closes out our series on Job with reconciliation, redemption, and restoration. And these don’t necessarily look the way we expect them to…


This third week of our Mystery series from the book of Job, we finally hear God’s response to Job’s questioning. And the response seems pretty surprising…