Sermons from 2022

Sermons from 2022


On this 4th Sunday of Advent, we spend time with Mary and Elizabeth, two expectant mothers who encounter one another with love, care and blessing. How do we understand blessings and in what contexts do we experience them?

Despite Fear

The angel’s words, “Do not be afraid,” are words that are repeated over and over again throughout scripture. What did Mary make of those words? What do they mean to us as we move through this Advent season? How do we take them to heart and what difference do they make in our own lives that are so often touched by anxiety and fear?

Hope Comes

Join Pastor Lesley as we explore the question; what does it mean when we ask God to “Save us from the time of trial.”?

We Remember Them

Has a loved one in your life passed this year? Join us as we light candles and remember the saints of our lives.


How much is “enough” and what does God want from us when it comes to managing our resources?

To God Alone the Glory

Did you know that our church has been around for 75 years? Come join in the 75th Anniversary Celebration with some familiar faces!