Our parable for this Sunday is traditionally known as the “parable of the rich fool.” It’s one of those parables that has some distinctive elements of humor. We can’t help but chuckle at the man who talks to himself and his possessions, hatching a plan for how to protect his ever-expanding stash of valuables. But on another level, it’s a parable that invites us into reflection and conversation about real and meaningful questions that are very much a part of our modern day lives. Questions like, “How much is ‘enough’ and what does God want from us when it comes to managing our resources?” This is a Stewardship Sunday but it is NOT a Sunday about guilt or “shoulds” or “ought to” or “have to.” It is about the possibility of making intentional decisions with our time, talent, and money in a way that deepens our lives of faith and discipleship, our relationship with God and with all God’s people.

Scripture passage: Luke 12:13-21


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