Sermons from October 2023

Sermons from October 2023

The Grace of Willingness

Miracles were integral parts of Jesus’ ministry. In one account, Jesus walks us through the simplicity of what is required for their occurrence and the pathway for surrendering into this deepening of faith.

Learning and Living

This week our Gospel reading draws our attention to commandments that are central to our Christian faith… the commandments to love God and our neighbor as our self.

God Behind It All

This Laity Sunday, we recognize that the majority of folks in ministry are lay people, sharing God’s light and love in all kinds of amazing ways!


The parable of the vineyard renters is full of violence, so much so that we may want to reject it altogether. But what does this parable have to say to us? What was the context in which it was told and can it help us grow in our understanding of what it means to be residents in God’s vineyard?


Today we celebrate World Communion Sunday, mindful of Christ followers around the world gathering at tables of welcome, belonging and grace.