Sermons by Bob Rhodes

Sermons by Bob Rhodes


This fourth Sunday in Lent, we explore the concept of recovery. This work prepares us to hear even more clearly the good news that our faults and weaknesses do not define us, and that healing and wholeness are possible.


This Sunday, we continue in the Lenten season. Through our series lens of Rehab, we explore the means by which we might navigate the wilderness.


This Sunday, we enter into the Lenten season. During this time of introspection and through the lens of Rehab, we begin by exploring Wilderness. Jesus was sent into the wilderness, and sometimes we find ourselves there too.


This Sunday is Transfiguration Sunday when we celebrate Jesus and his closest disciples ascension up a mountain. Jesus is made to shine as the disciples look on with wonder.

Rise Up

This Sunday we take a break from series and explore Jesus’ early ministry in the Gospel of Mark. As Jesus calls disciples, teaches, and heals, he consistently calls the people to rise up beyond their circumstances and limitations.

In the Beginning Was the Word

This Sunday we conclude our series on The Power of Words looking at this reminder: In the beginning was the Word. So what does that mean? Scriptures: Exodus 20:7; Psalm 19:14; John 1:1, 14a Click here for additional resources on this sermon. Copyright info

Religion & Politics

This Sunday we near the end of our series on The Power of Words as we jump into the potentially challenging subjects of religion and politics. It is my hope that we will take time to listen and to understand, and surely to rely on the God who unites us in love.

Tearing Down or Building Up?

This Sunday we begin a new series on The Power of Words. We begin with an exploration of the choice we make each time we speak. Will we tear down? Will we build up?