Sermons from 2015

Sermons from 2015

Teaching the Teachers

This first Sunday after Christmas, Pastor Bob examines our continuing opportunities to learn, even from unlikely sources.

The Manger

This Christmas Eve, Pastor Bob concludes the sermon series based on Adam Hamilton’s book The Journey.

Mary of Nazareth

This Sunday we begin the season of Advent and a sermon series based on Adam Hamilton’s book, The Journey. This first Sunday’s focus will be on Mary and the news of new birth.

Questions of Faith

This Sunday we catch up on our Questions of Faith! Listen as Pastor Bob, along with members of the congregation, shed some light on the Questions other members have asked.

Lifted Up

This Sunday we explore the story of Hannah, a prayerful and faithful woman who would raise a king.

A Little Goes a Long Way

This Sunday we take time to celebrate our vibrant Wednesday Night Ministry with guests from UCSD and more. Come to hear a bit about all that takes place as a ministry of PB UMC and hear about where we hope to be headed in the future.

Stumbling Into Promise

This Sunday, we will explore what all saints are promised to enjoy through God’s determination to set creation free from the power of sin and death