Sermon Notes

Sermon Notes

Nearly every week, Sermon Notes are provided to help us prepare for upcoming sermons. Following the sermon, additional notes are added in reflection. Feel free to sue these Sermon Notes in your personal study or in a group!

A New Life in the Spirit

This Sunday is both Pentecost Sunday and Heritage Sunday. Come join in worship as we hear Pastor Christopher bring a message about newness made possible by the Holy Spirit.


Sunday’s message is about love, even when loving brings challenges. It is a selfless love that invites us to look beyond ourselves.

Common Wisdom

Sunday’s message is essentially about grace and who can receive it. Look for a message that includes some music!

Daring to Dream

Sunday’s message is about our dreams. Sometimes we dream of escaping difficult circumstances, and sometimes our dreams lead us somewhere unexpected.

Missing Jesus

In this new sermon series based on the musical (and book) Les Misérables, we explore emotions like despair and hopelessness in an effort to find ways that our spirits can be lifted…

The Emptiness of Fear

Easter Sunday is coming, but it’s not here yet. Here are a few ways to prepare as well as some notes in preparation for Sunday’s Easter celebration…

A Physical Protest

Jesus enters Jerusalem for his final week amid shouts and actions that could be seen as acts of protest.


In the closing sermon of our Lenten series, we conclude by looking forward with hope at God’s promise for all people.