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The Creation Stories

This second Sunday in our series on reading the Bible, we explore the creation stories in Genesis and consider important questions about how we understand these early narratives about the beginnings of the world.


On this Epiphany Sunday, we begin a series on how we read our Bibles, which can be an epiphany for us—a sudden and beautiful awareness of the divine.

Mary, Full of Grace

This final Sunday before Christmas Eve, we look not just through Mary’s eyes, but at Mary herself and how she responded to life-changing news…

Amazed, Astounded and Astonished

This week’s message continues our Advent journey looking at the story through Mary’s eyes. This story focuses on Jesus’ youth, and is a reminder that his childhood was not likely one that could be described as normal…

Beginning with the End

This week’s message begins the Advent season and the Christian year. Specifically, we prepare for Christmas by exploring Jesus through the eyes of his mother, Mary. And through this lens, we begin at the end.


This week closes out our series on Job with reconciliation, redemption, and restoration. And these don’t necessarily look the way we expect them to…


This third week of our Mystery series from the book of Job, we finally hear God’s response to Job’s questioning. And the response seems pretty surprising…


The month of November features a series on the book of Job, and this week includes Job’s sense of isolation…


The month of November features a series on the book of Job, and this week starts with an introduction to Job and the beginning of his trials…