'wednesday night ministries' Tagged Posts

'wednesday night ministries' Tagged Posts

Advent & Christmas 2016

Our Advent and Christmas seasons offer much in the way of connecting to our community and our faith. Check out all the ways to celebrate and find joy in the season!!

Shoreline, Casting a Net of Care

By Beth Rhodes, Executive Director of Shoreline Community Services Even though we’ve just begun, there are many exciting things happening for Shoreline Community Services… Through a wonderful new member of PB UMC, Shoreline has been able to develop a partnership with St. James Episcopal Church‘s Health Services Committee. This committee manages a fund dedicated to helping those who cannot afford the medical care they need. This committee has approved funding to assist with surgeries, outpatient procedures, and special eye-wear and…

Advent & Christmas 2015

Christmas is all about a journey – the journey of faithful people through the desert to find a Savior. And people today are still seeking, although they don’t always know where to look. We invite you to join us, at PB UMC, this Christmas season to experience the journey together. For the shep- herds and wise men, it ended with a baby in a manger. But for us today, it’s where the journey begins. This Advent and Christmas season have…


Dear Friends… Sometimes I get distracted. Do you ever get distracted? I hope so. I really don’t think I’m the only one. A common illustration for many of us comes from the movie Up (Disney/Pixar) where a dog named Dug – who can talk, thanks to a device strapped around his neck – constantly interrupts himself because he gets distracted (generally by a SQUIRREL!!). The truth about those of us who find ourselves occasionally distracted is that there are times…

Helper Bags

In an effort to grow our community outreach, we will be making and handing out “helper bags” filled with essentials to our homeless neighbors, along with an invitation to join us in our Wednesday night meals, as well as a list of other local homeless dining options.

Ministry Sign-Ups

If you missed the All-Church Meeting, missed the sign-up sheets, or simply wish to be more involved with one of our inclusion ministries, it’s not too late to sign up!
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