Project Grace & Shoreline Community Services

Project Grace & Shoreline Community Services

By Beth Rhodes, Executive Director, Shoreline Community Services

At the moment, our service capacity at PB UMC has out-done church attendance and giving. With the continuation of the Wednesday Night Ministries, now called “San Diego Project Grace,” PB UMC and Shoreline Community Services have solidly caught the attention of the community and those in need.

As Pastor Bob guides our study and exploration of stewardship through the sermon series Plus One, many people, feeling inspired in worship, have approached me during fellowship time with ideas and questions. I feel inspired by the interest in how to keep this ministry going strong and move the financial burden of it away from the church.

Here are some ways you may be able to support this ministry and at the same time strengthen our church for future needs:

Corporate Support
Many companies provide support for non-profit organizations. While churches are not allowed on lists of potential recipient agencies, Shoreline Community Services, as a 501(c)3 organization is eligible for their support. Three ways companies provide such support are Corporate Gift Matching, Corporate Community Grants, and Corporate Community Involvement.

  • Gift Matching — Your employer may offer to match your gifts to non-profits. If so, you can write a check to Shoreline Community Services and send it to me or the Church. Be sure to write our tax ID number (listed below) on the check, and inform your employer. The donations will directly offset meal costs for Project Grace.
  • Community Grants — If your employer provides grant opportunities for non-profit organizations, send that information to me, and my team and I will write a grant request. You are welcome to be a part of the process. Again, funds re- ceived from the grant will be used for Project Grace.
  • Community Involvement — Some companies support their employees in getting involved in non-profit work. In the past, we have had two local companies each providing a week of such support monthly, but both have had to discontinue their support. If your company provides such support, could they provide a week of support each month, financially or with volunteers? If so, please let me know.

Gifts of Stock
Direct gifts of stock provide special benefits both to the giver and the non-profit recipient. The market value of the stock is a directly deductible tax benefit to the giver, and the full value can be used to support Project Grace for regular costs and for providing a special holiday season for our guests.

You may receive a bonus as the holiday season and end of year approach. Please consider support for Project Grace from this “extra” income.

Fund Raisers
If you are looking for another way to be involved with Project Grace, you may have ideas for a fundraiser. If so, come and join our small group that is looking for different ways to raise funds for Project Grace.

Thank you to all those who have followed their inspiration to come and talk with me at fellowship time. Thank you as well for taking the time to explore some of these options with me. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you to strengthen our church and our community showing God’s grace and living out God’s word.