Ministry Sign-Ups

Ministry Sign-Ups

As we discussed at our May 17th All-Church Gathering, we have been presented with ways to engage even more fully with our inclusion ministries (both our homeless ministries and our welcoming ministries to LGBTQ persons).

If you missed the meeting, missed the sign-up sheets, or simply wish to be more involved with one of these ministries, please see the descriptions and fill out the web form below. You will be contacted by the organizer(s) of the specific ministry area with more information. Thank you for supporting the ministries of PB UMC!

Serving the Homeless & Underprivileged

  • Monthly Hospitality Ministry – A group of persons who will gather at least once per month during our Wednesday Night Ministries to offer fellowship and friendship to our Wednesday Night guests.
  • Neighborhood Walk – A group of persons who will gather from time to time to walk through the street of Pacific Beach to invite those who are asking for food or money to participate in our Wednesday Night Ministries.

Reconciling Ministries

  • San Diego Pride Float – Building and decorating our own PB UMC float for the San Diego Pride Parade with construction to be completed before the parade on July 18th
  • San Diego Pride Festival – Persons who will come to spend time in a PB UMC booth at the San Diego Pride Festival on July 18th and 19th
  • Reconciling Outreach – Persons willing to be trained as coaches to help guide other congregations into becoming a Reconciling Congregation

Sign-Up Form
Please note: If you would like to sign up for multiple ministry areas, please fill out this form once for each ministry.

Because these events are past, this form has been closed. Thank you.