Helper Bags

Helper Bags

In an effort to grow our community outreach, we will be making and handing out “helper bags” filled with essentials to our homeless neighbors, along with an invitation to join us in our Wednesday night meals, as well as a list of other local homeless dining options.

We need donations of time and materials. Costco is a great option for those who are members. You can drop off your donations in the box in the narthex during the month of June.

Materials Needed:

  • Gallon-sized clear zip-lock bags
  • 12-oz bottles of water
  • chap stick
  • new athletic socks (men & women)
  • granola bars
  • single serving non-perishable snacks (raisins, nuts)
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizer, wipes, soap, shampoo

Volunteers needed:

  • Collect materials donations
  • Assemble bags
  • Walk the streets of Pacific Beach, delivering helper bags and inviting people in need to our
  • Wednesday night meals, medical and dental clinic, etc.
  • Carry helper bags in your car and hand them out to those asking for assistance on the side of the road and at intersections.

If you are interested in helping in this project, please contact Su-Yen or the Church Office. Thank you!