Spiritual Adventures

Spiritual Adventures

This summer and this year I’ve been a part of some spiritual adventures and joyful opportunities. I’ve taken on several roles at the PB UMC family congregation and have loved each one, because of those around it. With that in mind, I do wish to thank all the individuals who take it upon themselves to also be at many places in the time that we have with each other. Because of your time and efforts, we have been capable of showing our worlds, how it’s possible to love and live with each other in the eyes of who guides us.

With my first role at PB UMC as a Sunday School teacher, I’ve been able to experience the growth of our children on a monthly basis as they have always surprised and delighted me on their knowledge and tales of their own spiritual life. Making it worth every Sunday they spend time with my Co-Sunday School teacher (Dart) and me. My current and main role has been the Sunday School Teacher Special Education Aide. Because of that title, it gave me the opportunity to be part of Cal-Pac Jr. High summer camp as a Co-counselor with a PB UMC member who has grown up in the congregation. He was able to guide me through the whole week, since he has been a camper in the past, even though I was his Specific Needs Support. Thank you so much Ben for allowing me to blind fold you, take control of your mobile extension down that hill on our Morning Watch at Camp Cedar Glenn. The energy from your surprised emotion gave all the campers and myself that needed jolt of our last day on the mountain.

For a while now, those who attend the nine o’clock service, have noticed I usually feel child-like while I enjoy the stories of our Pastors; present Pastor Bob, past Pastor April, and the Pastors who have visited us and have given their message of the lord to us. And now, due to a child who has been at PB UMC way before I was a part of it, aka Mr. T, who is my pilot when I’m around him, I have been granted the opportunity of working with all of the children. I am a part of watching them grow by supporting each other through their own spiritual growth, despite their differences culturally, emotionally, physically or economically. They all show true love and honor for each other with heartwarming respect, affection and exuberance of their peers with great serenity as they all look beyond their differences between them with God’s light shining through them.

This post written by Jesus Jimenez, Special Needs Youth Worker.


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