2015 Church Photo Directory

2015 Church Photo Directory

signup_directoryDo you know the person who sits next to you or the family who sits across the aisle from you in church? Most, if not all, of us can’t say yes to this question all the time, so we need a new photo directory! This directory will have family photos along with contact information so that we’ll recognize folks at church and know how to contact them (with contact information OKed by the family). A family is defined as one person, married or single partners, or a traditional family with parent(s) and children. Each family type could be made up of single or multiple races; and single or multiple sexes. Our church supports each type of family and wants photos of all families in our church.

The photos will be taken Thursday through Saturday on October 29-31 and November 5-7. Sign-ups for photo sessions will begin on Sunday, October 4th. Starting then, you can sign up with volunteers after each church service, or you can sign up online by clicking the button below. You will receive recorded phone reminders about signing up and about your photo session appointment date and time.

Sign Up!

Bring something that defines your family to be included in your photo, if you’d like to. Families may bring items like guitars, children’s toys, or pets (if they’re very obedient). Also, please let us know, as soon as possible, if the photo session dates won’t work for your family, so we can set up an alternative.

Each photography session will take approximately 30 minutes, including time to select desired photo(s). Each family will receive a free photo directory and an 8X10 portrait. Any additional photos you might want to purchase will also be selected at this time and will be available in time for Christmas. These sessions will be friendly with no pressure to purchase extra photos.

We need volunteers starting October 4th to help people sign up for photo sessions. We will also need people to assist during the actual photo sessions in October and November. These volunteers will ensure that names and contact information is correct and coordinate getting the actual photo session started. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Marcia or Lea Ann through the Church Office.

We really want this photo directory to be a big success and want participation from as many PBUMCers as possible.

Also, thank you to the photo directory committee, who have and will continue to work, towards getting us this directory. Committee members: Dee, Al, Ron, Marcia, Laurie, Pastor Bob, and Lea Ann.