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Our Beloved Evergreen Tree

by Dick V.S. Our large evergreen tree was originally planted in the northwest corner of the courtyard. It was moved to its current location for more room to grow and to become a central symbol. For many years coffee was served on the east side of the tree, using actual cups and saucers. Candle light services were held around it on Christmas Eves with a nativity scene as the focal point. Sometime in the 1990s, Andy H-S strung a power cord…

Fun in the Sun!

by roving reporter Marcia M. On August 28th, PB UMC held its annual “Fun-in-the-Sun” beach party in Mission Bay, and it was definitely fun in the sun: lots of fun and lots of sun! The sun was bright and shining, and there was a really nice breeze that kept approximately 100 attendees from getting too hot. The food was amazingly good. Chef DK Catering supplied tasty sliders made from different kinds of meat and a varie- ty of cheeses and…

Annual Conference 2016 Report

The 2016 Annual Conference in Redlands, CA, is now complete, and delegates from PB UMC have returned home filled with stories and experiences. The Annual Conference included some of the “norm,” related to the business of the Conference, and concluded with the Commissioning and Ordination Service.

PB UMC at Pride 2016

PB UMC joins in local San Diego Pride events again this year! Don’t miss the chance to build a float, join the Pride parade, or to be a presence of faith-filled love at the Pride Music Festival!

Tzu Chi Foundation

The Tzu Chi Foundation has been a long time partner of PB UMC’s weekly ministry to serve the underprivileged members of our community.

“Valentine” Expressions of Love for PB UMC

The following is a compilation of letters, notes, and other communications that have been sent to PB UMC over the last 12 months. These are expressions from both individuals and groups, who have been touched by the church. Pew note: I have been attending services to hear your thoughtful sermons first and the choir second. But after hearing the beautiful music today, I may reverse that order! They are excellent! Storefront: To all of our friends at PB UMC, thank…