“Valentine” Expressions of Love for PB UMC

“Valentine” Expressions of Love for PB UMC

The following is a compilation of letters, notes, and other communications that have been sent to PB UMC over the last 12 months. These are expressions from both individuals and groups, who have been touched by the church.

Pew note: I have been attending services to hear your thoughtful sermons first and the choir second. But after hearing the beautiful music today, I may reverse that order! They are excellent!

Storefront: To all of our friends at PB UMC, thank you all so much for providing shirts for the youth at Storefront. We are so grateful for your support and could not do this work without you! The homeless teens at Storefront often come in for shelter with very little belongs, so it is very important for us to be able to give them clothing and food (meet their basic needs). It helps them to feel cared about and develop more trust in adults. Thank you for your ongoing support and love – the Storefront Team.

PB UMC Congregation, while visiting San Diego for a week during Christmas we had the opportunity to worship with you on Christmas Eve. We attended the 5 o’clock service and truly enjoyed that time with you. It is a pleasure to see so many young people involved in worship. You are certainly blessed to have such talent in your church. The singing, bells, and each musical piece was inspirational. Thank you for helping make our Christmas memorable. The Posey family from Florida.

Dear Friends at PB UMC and Campland Ladies, thank you for coordinating the wonderful holiday packets with the Christ the King Lutheran church’s participation as well. All the hygiene kits and snacks will help us to provide Christmas gifts to youth in our shelter and on the streets.

To PB UMC, John 3:16 is the reason we celebrate Christmas! Please use this gift for your Wednesday Night program for the homeless and needy. In Christian love, Richard and Lois (visitors).

Thank you for your recent gift. The generosity of Reconciling Communities like your makes possible the lifesaving ministries of creating safe sanctuaries and just policies for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.