Faces of Our Faith: Mary Magdalene

Faces of Our Faith: Mary Magdalene

We continue in our six week summer sermon series, Faces of Our Faith. This week we are exploring the story of Mary Magdalene with guest speaker and Sunday School Director Dart Rhoades. Have you ever played the game Two Truths and a Lie?  Here’s Dart’s “church version” based on Mary Magdalene:

  1. Mary Magdalene was a real, historical person, a woman of wealth and beauty. She was Christ’s closest and most beloved disciple.
  2. Mary Magdalene was a woman of ill repute, a prostitute, forgiven by Jesus.
  3. Mary Magdalene, a woman known as the Apostle to the Apostles, had seven demons driven from her.

What is true and what is not?  Listen in to learn about this fascinating woman of faith. According to Dart, she has much to teach us!

Scripture passage: Mark 16:1-11


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