Faces of Our Faith: Judas Iscariot

Faces of Our Faith: Judas Iscariot

We continue in our six week summer sermon series, Faces of Our Faith. This week we encounter one of the twelve disciples, Judas Iscariot.  Through the story of Judas we are reminded that we grow in faith in many different ways.  We grow in faith as we come alongside the spiritual “successes” of others but we can also grow in faith when we come alongside the “failures” of others as well.

What lessons might Judas Iscariot have for us in this day and age?  What do we learn from the broken moments and the wounded actions of others?  How do we face and navigate our own betrayals … of God, self or others?  Join us as we delve more deeply into Judas’ life and role and how he might, oddly, be the one who leads us to Christ’s table of grace.

Scripture passage: Mark 14:1-210-2132-50


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