Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

When Things Go Downhill

How did that mountaintop moment change or equip Jesus and the disciples for what was ahead as Jesus’ path takes a decisive turn toward Jerusalem and the cross? How do moments of light, awe, wonder and glory change and equip us for the ups and downs of life’s journey?


Our scripture reading from Mark invites us to reflect on the notion of “seeking.” When and how does “seeking” impede the movement of the Spirit and when and how does it lead us deeper into relationship, light and life?

What Have You to Do With Us?

Our text for this week reveals Jesus as a teacher and an exorcist. A demon asks Jesus this crucial question: “What have you do with us?” Join us as we explore the ways this ancient question has relevance for our lives today.

The Grace of Willingness

Miracles were integral parts of Jesus’ ministry. In one account, Jesus walks us through the simplicity of what is required for their occurrence and the pathway for surrendering into this deepening of faith.

How We Measure (Up)

Today we explore ways we can get “off course” from the true intention of Sabbath and reorient ourselves…away from “measuring up” and toward “measuring” that which is truly valuable from the perspective of Sabbath rest.

Birth Pangs

This section of Mark is known as “apocalyptic” and it points our hearts, minds and spirits to that which God is revealing in our midst.  It encourages us to ponder if and how God is afoot—with life, hope, promise—even in times when things appear to be falling apart.  

Love in Action

As Christians, we speak about love, we sing about love, we pray about love, we talk about love…the word love is so familiar and embedded in every aspect of our faith that it’s possible to hear the Great Commandment and miss the truly radical and life-altering nature of this divine call!

Take Heart

Our scripture reading for Sunday draws us into the world of Bartimaeus, a blind man begging on the streets, whose encounter with Jesus not only changed him but the entire community around him.