Sermons on Mark

Sermons on Mark

By Who & How You Serve

As we conclude our stewardship series, we shift the focus from measurements of power and influence to measurements of service to others.

Laboring in Love

Pastor Bob brings a message encouraging us to examine how our community sees us. Are we a presence of the body of Christ?

Draw Crowds

This Sunday we continue our Healing Hands series. Adam Marshall-Lopez asks “Are we drawing a crowd?” What did that mean for Jesus? What does it mean in our complex world today?

Become Known

This Sunday we continue our Healing Hands series as Pastor Christopher brings a message inviting us to consider the reputations of John the Baptist and Jesus.

Send Forth

This Sunday we continue our Healing Hands series! We continue to explore Jesus’ healing work, and this week explore how an experience of healing prepares us to go into the world as disciples.

Bring Life

Today’s message compares two stories of healing, one embedded within the other in the gospel of Mark.

The Emptiness of Fear

On this Easter Sunday, we remember that when three women approached Jesus’ tomb, they were initially “overcome with terror and dread,” yet went on to share the news. We explore how in the hope of the empty tomb, fear no longer has power over us.


This Sunday, we continue in the Lenten season. Through our series lens of Rehab, we acknowledge that our journey is not easy and that we must not rely solely on ourselves.


This Sunday, we enter into the Lenten season. During this time of introspection and through the lens of Rehab, we begin by exploring Wilderness. Jesus was sent into the wilderness, and sometimes we find ourselves there too.