Faces of Our Faith: Eutychus

Faces of Our Faith: Eutychus

This Sunday is the sixth and final week of our summer sermon series, Faces of Our Faith. We have spent time with biblical ancestors including Adam, Eve, the unnamed Ethiopian Eunuch, Anna, Mary Magdalene and Judas.  We’ve also brought to mind and heart “faces” that have been near and dear from our own faith journeys, those who have taught us what it means to be and live as beloved children of God in the world.

Our sixth and final biblical figure is Eutychus.  I imagine the question most are asking is, “Who on earth is Eutychus?”  He’s the young man in the book of Acts who fell out of a third story window after Paul put him to sleep with his late night and very lengthy sermon!  Join us as we ponder Eutychus’ story, his experience in that upper room and how he might encourage us in relation to those who have “fallen” in life or “fallen away” from the life of the church.

Note:  The recording starts a bit late today, with the Call to Worship.

Scripture passage: Acts 20:1-12


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