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Posts by Bob Rhodes (Page 19)

Discipleship – Part II

In our continuing discussion of Discipleship, we have been exploring the meaning of discipleship specifically in the context of the community here at Pacific Beach UMC. After last month’s post about discipleship, we have continued to have great conversations, and several members and friends of PB UMC have asked intriguing questions.

Sandy Recovery Mission Trip

The South District of the California-Pacific Annual (Regional) Conference of the United Methodist Church is sponsoring a mission trip this fall to Crisfield, Maryland – an area devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


A recent question came in through the church office that I would like to address here rather than in worship because it connects with some ongoing work that some PB UMC leaders are doing. The question submitted is: What is a disciple?

Why I Believe

A friend of mine who is a pastor at a United Methodist church in Santa Barbara asked me to join with others in a written series he was assembling called “Why I Believe.” The series explores the choice – and indeed it is a choice for each of us – to live a life of faith. You can see the original post here. We are in the season of Lent, a time where Christians around the world take time for…


More. It seems like we’re always looking for more. And in a consumer-driven culture like ours, the idea of always looking for more can be harmful if we’re not careful…

Questioning God

Happy second month of the New Year!! No, I don’t have my calendar wrong. Of course it’s January, and of course this is when we most commonly celebrate the New Year. But did you know that – according to the Christian calendar – we started our new year back on November 30, 2014? The Christian year starts with Advent, the season of prepa- ration that culminates in Christmas. We then move through the twelve days of Christmas (and a partridge…

Advent Conspiracy

Can I tell you how excited I am? And I mean really excited. I’m talking about the kind of excited that kids get around their birthdays. I’m talking about the kind of excited that our dog gets when we get home. I’m talking about the kind of excited that we don’t always get around Christmas. Because we can get bogged down in lists and shopping and where the kids (if we have any living at home) will be when school’s…


Back when the film Gone in 60 Seconds came out (the one from 2000, not the one from 1974), Beth and I had the opportunity to go to the film’s “red-carpet” premiere. It was a good time, it was completely packed… And I met both Michael Clark Duncan and Ben Affleck. In the bathroom. When I worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain, part of my job as an “Operations Supervisor” was to walk VIPs around the park, especially for those…