Dear friends…

As I write this, it’s actually well before this issue of the Beach Breeze is to be released in early May. I’m about to head with Beth on a trip to Palm Springs after a full Easter Sunday. And I’m filled with excitement.

There are a number of reasons that I feel excited. One is simply that I’m going on vacation for a few days with Beth – and while the boys stay home under the capable care of Beth’s mom! And as exciting as that is, there’s even more.

The Lenten season leading us to Easter seemed to be one filled with possibility, and our fantastic Easter celebration made this even more real for me. Did you see all the new faces? Did you see all the kids? Did you see the smiles and hear the voices raised in song? Did you feel the energy of laughter and love and hope?

I feel these things, and I hope you do too.

I also hope you’ll see that this is bigger than a Lent/Easter thing. The reality is that we experienced a lull in both giving and attendance through a good portion of last year. But some time late last year or early this year we began to turn it around. I think that’s when I began to feel a new or renewed energy around PB UMC and all of our important ministries.

I think it’s important to acknowledge the work and effort put in by so many PB UMC members that have made this sense of energy and excitement possible. All of our leaders during worship services give of their time and energy and love so that our worship experience is filled with a deep sense of the Spirit moving in our midst. A number of volunteers lend themselves to a presence of hospitality, from welcoming and directing to refreshment and flowers. Hundreds of people are served each week through those who give of their time and talents to ensure a healthy meal and safe environment are available each week.

Even with all this good work, there are many others who serve in less visible ways on committees that care for our various properties, ensure that our finances remain healthy, manage our various personnel relationships, and more. And we would know little about all that takes place without our faithful communicators, those who manage all of our printed and digital communications.

What an incredible church. What an incredible group of dedicated and faithful people. I am regularly in awe of the good work taking place in and through this faith community. In this sense of energy and laughter and love and hope, I feel immense gratitude and no small sense of privilege to join you all in ministry.

This expression of gratitude and celebration does not in any way mean that our work is done. Indeed, with this energy and movement, this is the time to put ourselves even more fully into our commitment to extend the reach of the ministries of Pacific Beach UMC. If you have not already joined one of these teams that so faithfully serve as the Body of Christ, I invite you to prayerfully commit to one of these important ministries. Join in this momentum of laughter and love and hope.

I believe that God is at work in this faith community. Let us leap into the Spirit’s energy, continuing to live out God’s call to embody Christ’s love.

Grace and peace to you…

Pastor Bob