'gratitude' Tagged Posts

'gratitude' Tagged Posts

Resurrection People

We have recently celebrated Resurrection! Hallelujah! But how do we do that when our denomination is in turmoil?


This is an update on some of the responses to the harmful vote at the St. Louis General Conference, including some press related to our own congregation.


Entering into the season of Lent is a time to explore how we are changed by our experience of God and in our faith communities. In Lenten reflection, we may be made new. Who will you be?


Pacific Beach UMC has been changing over time. In some ways that change may bring concern, and in others there is reason to celebrate! It is good to do both of these things as we explore together where God will be leading us…

A New Thing

In the newness of this new year, may we continually look for the new thing that God has already begun.

Gratitude (Part 2)

There is so much work that is done by members of this congregation that it’s hard to name it all. And it is good and right to remember to say “thanks” to all who participate in this incredible work!

Give Thanks

This Sunday’s message focuses on gratitude. In the Ephesians text, Paul reminds us to follow God’s will, to be filled with the Spirit, and to give thanks. This seems like a difficult instruction…


Dear friends… As I write this, it’s actually well before this issue of the Beach Breeze is to be released in early May. I’m about to head with Beth on a trip to Palm Springs after a full Easter Sunday. And I’m filled with excitement. There are a number of reasons that I feel excited. One is simply that I’m going on vacation for a few days with Beth – and while the boys stay home under the capable care…