Gratitude (Part 2)

Gratitude (Part 2)

Dear friends…

Back in May of 2017 I wrote in our Beach Breeze about experiencing a sense of gratitude for you, the people of PB UMC. I was writing at the time in acknowledgement of a renewed sense of energy that I perceived after “a lull in both giving and attendance ….” While I continue to feel energy and hope in this congregation, the reality is that our giving and attendance have felt a bit like a roller coaster over the last several years.

Even so, I want to continue to express my gratitude. Perhaps this is because as I am writing this we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving. As I type, our office administrator Aimee is faithfully and capably finalizing preparations for the upcoming weekend’s worship services and the upcoming All-Church Conference. Our Beach Breeze editor TennieBee is collecting, editing, and organizing articles for our December edition. A host of volunteers are outside in our courtyard putting lights on our 40-foot tall tree in preparation for Advent and Christmas. Hope and other members of our Finance committee are working on our budget for 2019. Denny, from our Trustees, is handling an issue with one of our rental properties. Dart is working on projects related to shirts and banners for our congregation. And there is much more!

It is good and right to celebrate the incredible work that members of this congregation do, and it is important to me that the work and support of our members and worshipers is known. Of course, I must also note the incredible love and care that you all share with the clergy family. Beth and Cameron and Zachary and I are incredibly grateful for your generosity of spirit, for your gentle care, and for your exuberant love.

Thank you!

Pastor Bob