Trusting the Mountaintop

Trusting the Mountaintop

Today is Transfiguration Sunday in the life of the church.  It’s the last Sunday before the beginning of Lent and we travel with Jesus, Peter, James and John to a mountaintop.  There they have an experience of witnessing Jesus being changed in an instant.  It’s an experience that has the potential to change them, to shape them for the rest of their lives.

This section of scripture is a turning point in the Gospel of Mark.  When Jesus and the disciples come down from this mountaintop, they turn toward Jerusalem.  The remainder of the Gospel moves us, with them, closer to the cross.  The season of Lent begins this next Wednesday on Ash Wednesday.  It is a season that invites us to moves us toward Holy Week and Easter.  It invites us to spend some time in the shadows, contemplating the messy and more difficult aspects of our lives and faith and ultimately leads us to hope, peace, restoration, resurrection.

Scripture passage: Mark 9:2-9

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