The Promise of Baptism

The Promise of Baptism

Today is the first Sunday after Epiphany. Today is the Sunday where we celebrate new beginnings as Jesus, one without sin, gets baptized by John the Baptist. As we explore the scripture from Mark 1: 4-11, it may seem a little daunting. Everything is happening fast paced with John baptizing in the waters of Jordan, Jesus making his appearance and being baptized by John, and ending with the Heavens separating with not only God but the Holy Spirit making their appearance.  As Reverend Lori mentioned last Sunday with Epiphany being God incarnate making an appearance through baby Jesus, the Holy Spirit completes the Epiphany with Jesus (3 in 1).

The Heavens opening up may seem like a scary event, but in all actuality it is an invitation to new beginnings. Just as the New Year brings an invitation to new resolutions with hopes of bettering and refining ourselves, baptism brings an invitation to recommit to the light and love of Jesus. We have entered the season of Epiphany. A time to reflect who Jesus is, what Jesus means in our lives, and how we are going to live it out in our daily lives. Today we will explore this light and love of Jesus that happens within us and certainly outside of us as well!

Scripture passage: Mark 1:4-11

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