Taking the Initiative

Taking the Initiative

How is being part of a Church different than being part of any other community or organization? For the most part, if we join a group and someone in the group offends us, we’ll have no qualms about leaving.

But our passage for Sunday suggests that as part of a faith community, a family of faith, we are bound together in a different way. And, therefore, we address conflict in a different way, taking the initiative to seek genuine reconciliation before wounds and grudges and misunderstandings get out of hand.

This Sunday we will also celebrate our oneness in the body of Christ by celebrating Holy Communion. Gather your elements, a roll or cracker and some juice or water, and we’ll share together in these signs of God’s grace that sustain us!

What has been your experience of conflict in the church?  How have you seen it dealt with?

Scripture passages: Matthew 18:15-20

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