Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

Seeing God’s Vineyard

This week’s Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard does not disappoint! If you strongly value “fairness,” you’re in for a ride. Can we possibly hear this parable and see anything beyond the decisively odd behavior of the land owner, whose actions might seem foolish and unfair to many? Is there a different lens through which we might view God’s vineyard and can that lens make a difference to how we see the world around us today?

Climate Change

As Christians we are asked to not only forgive others but to have forgiveness be the fabric of who we are and how we operate in the world. How do we forgive? What does non-forgiveness look like in our bodies, our lives, our families, our world? In a day and age when the cultural climate is rife with suspicion and hostility, how do we get on board with a Spirit-driven climate change that moves us from environments of vengeance to mercy?


This Sunday we spend time with Matthew’s version of the Parable of the Sower. What constitutes “good soil” and what conditions are necessary for us to spiritually flourish, as individuals and as a community? What is Jesus trying to tell us about discipleship and ministry?


Join us for both sacraments of the church! What are these rituals and what do they mean? How do they connect us to the Spirit of the Living God and God’s amazing and never failing grace?


This week our text from Matthew invites us to explore and learn more about the nature of discipleship. We’ll reflect on the complexities of how we are in relationship with the world and with one another.

Starting (as If) for the First Time

Matthew’s text invites us to (re-)enter into the calling and sending of Jesus’ disciples. What if our names were added to the list? What if, as Tom Berlin encouraged, we were invited to spend the rest of our days “doing good well”?

Love Is…

Today, Rev. Dan Meyer-Abbott helps us reflect on love. What is Paul getting at when he talks about love? What is it and isn’t it?

A Mountain-Top Experience

Rev. Dan Meyer-Abbott guides us today in contemplating our faith journeys using the imagery of running a race. How does preparing for a race, running a race and finishing a race empower and guide us as we seek to live a life of faith?

Upon This Rock

Join us on a musical journey alongside Simon Peter as he companions (and fails to companion) Jesus through the last days of his life.

How Do We Begin Again?

How have we experienced “beginning again” in our lives? Why do we sometimes resist it? How might God be inviting us to “begin again” this Lenten season?