The season of Advent is generally overflowing with our busy preparations for Christmas.  And while this is a very different Advent and Christmas season, due to COVID-19, I imagine that we’re all still finding ways to prepare! I find that the preparations for Christmas are as enjoyable or even MORE enjoyable than Christmas itself.

Our scripture reading today features John the Baptizer, often called John the Baptist in other Gospels. And John the Baptizer calls us to attention, inviting us to prepare for the coming of the One for whom people of that day yearned, the One for whom we yearn as well.  How are we to prepare?  According to John we prepare through confession and repentance of our sins. Our scripture passages during Advent remind us of important and meaningful preparations during this season…the preparation of our hearts and spirits, our individual lives and our world to receive God once again, incarnate – in the flesh – in the person of Jesus.

Scripture passages: Mark 1:1-8

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