I’ve Been Meaning to Ask…Where Are You From?

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask…Where Are You From?

Today we begin a four week sermon series that will take us through a variety of questions that begin with the phrase “I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You.”

This has been a long and difficult season of profound disconnection. We’ve experienced that sense of disconnection not only as a result of COVID-19 but also in light of the deep, persistent wounds and divisions within our country and world related to systemic oppression and all of the “isms” that hurt, exclude, exploit or diminish another. This series invites us to turn back toward one another, child of God to child of God, leaning in with courageous and heartfelt questions.

There is a video that companions each week and is included in our weekly email. The first video invites us into our first question…Where are you from?

Scripture passage: Genesis 2:4b-15; John 1: 35-51

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