Sermons on John

Sermons on John

We Believe: Jesus

This week we examine the major portion of The Apostles’ Creed, focusing on Jesus. Quite a few theological statements are claimed in this central section of the creed. We explore what The Apostles’ Creed claims about Jesus and how these central claims form our faith.

Everything’s Alright

This Sunday, we continue our Lenten worship series with a familiar text about Jesus being anointed with oil. John’s version of this story brings about thoughts of scarcity, but perhaps that’s the wrong way to think about it. Could there be a reading of this story that instead reminds us of God’s generosity?

Feed the World

This Sunday we conclude our Healing Hands series. Sunday’s message includes the familiar story of Jesus feeding a large crowd as we explore with our youth the ways that our faith meets both our practical needs as well as our spiritual needs.


This Sunday we near the end of our series on Les Misérables with Jesus’ commandment to love one another as we have been loved.

Missing Jesus

This Sunday we begin our newest sermon series based on the French novel and world-famous musical, Les Misérables!


This fourth Sunday in Lent, we explore the concept of recovery. This work prepares us to hear even more clearly the good news that our faults and weaknesses do not define us, and that healing and wholeness are possible.

In the Beginning Was the Word

This Sunday we conclude our series on The Power of Words looking at this reminder: In the beginning was the Word. So what does that mean? Scriptures: Exodus 20:7; Psalm 19:14; John 1:1, 14a Click here for additional resources on this sermon. Copyright info

Fire & Water

This Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost! Don’t miss a conversation about the inspiration of the Spirit and being filled with Living Water. Scriptures: Acts 2:17-21; John 7:37-39 Click here for additional resources on this sermon. Copyright info

Giving Up Death

This Sunday is Easter Sunday!! We conclude our Lenten series with the reminder that Jesus’ death and resurrection mean we are no longer subject to sin and death.