Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted

What has interrupted your life this past year, and how has it affected you spiritually?

Our scripture passage for today comes with a cornucopia of interruptions. (Try and see how many you can count!) Let’s start with the most prominent—the Greeks worshiping at the festival. When Jesus speaks, it isn’t grammatically clear whether he is addressing his disciples or the Greeks requesting an audience. From the content alone, it would seem Jesus is talking to his disciples. But if that’s the case, then it would seem the Greeks are kind of snubbed by Christ. Is it that Jesus couldn’t be bothered, or that his itinerary for the week was too tight? Were these individuals more interested in a “magic show” than a prophetic message from the God of Israel? Do we as Christians ever approach Jesus with expectations and then wander off when we don’t get what we want? I think it’s important to ask questions like these in order to find meaning beneath the surface of scripture.

Do you feel God calling you to respond to interruptions differently; and if so, in what way? Join us this morning as we dig deeper into this passage.

Scripture passage: John 12:17-33

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