Jesus’ Work: Where Is God?

Jesus’ Work: Where Is God?

This Sunday’s sermon audio suffered from a technical failure and unfortunately cannot be shared.

The message began with a diverse group of members reading the opening verses from the first chapter of the Gospel of John. Pastor Bob focused on the first half of verse 14.

The Word became flesh and made his home among us.

If the Word has become flesh and if we – God’s creation – are the body of Christ, then we are called to be the light that shines in the darkness. With this in mind, Pastor Bob walked through a set of songs so that members could hear this message in another way.

We began with acknowledging that the beginning of the exploration was found in a question many of us have asked: Where is God? By way of acknowledging this question, Pastor Bob offered an original song:

Where Are You?
Bob Rhodes
When the earth shakes and my heart breaks, where are you?
In revealing that sinking feeling, where are you?

I’m on hallowed ground, and I feel like I”m drowning!
And I’m homeward bound, and still I feel like I’m drowning!

But if I close my eyes I can see your face.
If I can just let go I can feel your grace.
And if I close my eyes I may not feel so small…
If I can just let go, then I can hear you call…
…to me.

In response to this question, we considered that much of the good we are able to observe in the world is done by humanity working in community for common good. It is not that God cannot do grand and miraculous things; we believe God can do all things. It is that God appears most often to call humanity to participate in God’s good work, and humanity often responds.

In exploration of this, Pastor Bob offered a song by the Irish rock band U2 called Pride (In the Name of Love). Lyrics can be found on U2’s website here.

If we understand that God’s work is being done and is done with God’s inspiring call, we may begin to wonder how incredible work can be done in the face of adversity, fear, disaster, and even violence. With a rewrite of a traditional hymn, Pastor Bob offered through song a reminder of the empowering and strengthening work of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me
Edwin Hatch, Robert Jackson, Bob Rhodes
Breathe on me, breath of God
Fill me with life anew
That I may love what thou dost love
And do what thou wouldst do

Breathe on me, breath of God
Until my heart is pure
until with thee I will one will
To do and to endure

Holy Spirit fall on me
Give me grace and set me free
Fill me with your love and power
Breathe on me, breathe on me

Finally, Pastor Bob closed with a song by the band Sidewalk Prophets that reminded members that there is always inspiration; and inspiration especially may be found in the life and teachings of Jesus.


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