Holy Zeal

Holy Zeal

The account of Jesus “cleansing the temple” is told in all four Gospels but with several significant differences. Matthew, Mark and Luke place this account toward the end of Jesus’ life, while John places it much closer to the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. Jesus enters the temple during Passover—a very active, busy time—and turns everything, literally and figuratively, upside down.

The temple was THE established place to meet and encounter God. And, through this encounter, Jesus suggests that the old order is passing and something new is being established. While the temple had served as the place to meet God, there was now a new place, a new locus for God’s presence…in the very person and body of Jesus himself. What did that mean for folks back then? What can it possibly mean for us today?

Join us this morning as we offer our praise and thanks to God, as we connect with God’s love, community and call and as we explore our faith together.

Scripture passage: John 2:13-22

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