We are moving through the Lenten Season and Holy Week is soon to be here!  We have been contemplating our Lenten theme, “Filled to the Brim,” leaning into ways that we can live into the expansive life God intends for us, our communities and our world.  We continue in those reflections this week as we join Jesus, the disciples and some of his closest friends for a dinner party at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  It’s here that Mary anoints Jesus’ feet with expensive perfume and invokes the ire of Judas who claims that the perfume shouldn’t have been wasted but should have been sold and the money given to the poor.  Jesus defends Mary and her actions, noting that her act of extravagant faith, beauty and love were just right for that time, place and moment. What bold, brazen acts of faith, beauty and love might we be called to as we approach Holy Week this year?

Scripture passages:  John 12:1-8


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