Sermons by Lori Leopold (Page 3)

Sermons by Lori Leopold (Page 3)


Mary anointed Jesus’s feet with expensive perfume. What bold, brazen acts of faith, beauty and love might we be called to as we approach Holy Week this year?

Gathered In

Our scripture passage for this second Sunday in Lent has us contemplating the nature of God.  Jesus describes himself in a somewhat surprising way…like a mother hen who wants to gather in all of her baby chicks.

The Power of Empty

Today we introduce our Lenten theme, “Full to the Brim.”  We will contemplate what we need to “do” or “undo” in order to lean into the abundant life God offers.


This Sunday will mark the end of the season of Epiphany, a season when the identity and mission of Jesus are revealed in small and large ways.  Our text for this week is Luke’s account of the Transfiguration, arguably the grandest of all the epiphany accounts.

The Economy of Grace

We continue this week in Jesus’ sermon on the plain.  Last week we contemplated what Jesus’ “blessings and woes” told us about God.  This week we dive into what that might look like, in practical terms, for each one of us.

A Level Place

Come with us as we challenge our mainstream understanding of the word “blessed” and expand our thinking, seeing and understanding beyond “me” to embrace a divine sense of “we.”


After a demoralizing night of attempted fishing, Jesus instructs Simon to go back out into the deep waters and drop his nets for a catch. Miraculously, Simon pulls in such an abundance of fish that other boats and fisherfolks come to his aid.


Today we look at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry from Luke’s perspective. In Luke, Jesus’ ministry starts in the middle of a worship service. Jesus stands in the synagogue, reading scripture in his faith community. But the ordinary turns extraordinary when Jesus makes an astonishing claim!


Today we spend time in the Gospel of John with the first of seven “signs” that Jesus performs or offers, each one giving us a glimpse into his true identity and mission. This first sign is the account of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.

My Father’s House

The Bible says very little about the childhood of Jesus but today we spend time with the one and only passage that provides a window into Jesus’ boyhood.