Sermons on Jeremiah

Sermons on Jeremiah


Today, Jesse Hodge, will be reflecting on the calling of the young prophet, Jeremiah, encouraging all of us to consider our own calling in this precious life.

Where Hope Floats

This Sunday is the beginning of a brand new Christian year! It is the First Sunday of Advent and we begin the preparations of our hearts and spirits for the coming of Christ at Christmas. We’ll light the first Advent candle, the candle of Hope, as we begin our journey toward Bethlehem.


This fifth Sunday in Lent concludes our sermon series on Rehab. To finish out the series, we will explore the promise we are given that the wilderness is not without end, that angels guide us and comfort us, and that hope is possible.

Bones on Fire

This Sunday we welcome Rev. Ed Hansen to lead worship on this Epiphany Sunday with a message of faithful discovery.

Long-Term Investments

Pastor Bob explores the idea of investing in our faith and our future and looking at those investments in the long term.

Investing in the Future

God specializes in signs of hope. The Bible contains a multitude of stories of how God encourages people not to give up, and fulfills promises of restoration and renewal. Again and again, when all seems lost, God gives reassurance, and sends help from unlikely places. Again and again, when people remain faithful, God is able to accomplish amazing things.

The Problem of the Perpetually Dissatisfied

Glenn Hinson suggests that we’re supposed to be like amphibians, able to move freely in both land and water. But we get so enthralled with what’s up on land, that we neglect to go back and visit the water, and as a result our soul (or spirit) dries up.