Sermons (Page 50)

Sermons (Page 50)


Sermons are listed below with the most recent sermons first. See the Sermons menu at the top of the page to browse by date, books of the Bible, speaker, and more. Check back often for updates.

Storms & Giants

In this concluding sermon in the series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the theological concept of “theodicy” with the question, “Why does God let bad things happen?”


In this continuing series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the idea of blessings, how we look at blessings, and how we may respond when we feel blessed…

Is Heaven for Real?

In this continuing series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the deep questions often asked about death and the afterlife while wrestling with difficult scripture. Then follows the challenge of whether or not these are even the right questions…

The Right Stuff

Pastor Bob continues the sermon series, “Questioning God” with an exploration of the call of all Christians to participate in ministry, and the empowering nature of the Holy Spirit.

Free Grace

Pastor Bob continues the sermon series “Questioning God” with a sermon on forgiveness including an excerpt from John Wesley’s sermon by the same name.

Seeing God

Pastor Bob begins the “Questioning God” series by addressing the question, “Can we see God?”

The System, Not Just the Self

The disaster of the AIDS epidemic in Africa demonstrates that sometimes problems are bigger than the self. The crisis has reached its current state not just because of individual behavior, but because of systems.

Investing in the Future

God specializes in signs of hope. The Bible contains a multitude of stories of how God encourages people not to give up, and fulfills promises of restoration and renewal. Again and again, when all seems lost, God gives reassurance, and sends help from unlikely places. Again and again, when people remain faithful, God is able to accomplish amazing things.