Sermons (Page 48)

Sermons (Page 48)


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Investing in the Future

God specializes in signs of hope. The Bible contains a multitude of stories of how God encourages people not to give up, and fulfills promises of restoration and renewal. Again and again, when all seems lost, God gives reassurance, and sends help from unlikely places. Again and again, when people remain faithful, God is able to accomplish amazing things.

The Problem of the Perpetually Dissatisfied

Glenn Hinson suggests that we’re supposed to be like amphibians, able to move freely in both land and water. But we get so enthralled with what’s up on land, that we neglect to go back and visit the water, and as a result our soul (or spirit) dries up.

Go with the Glo

“In dark times, and dark places,” Anne Lamott suddenly remembered, “our job is to give off light — God’s light! — and to care for the least of God’s people.”

Faith Looks Up

Naomi Nye has written a poem called “I feel sorry for Jesus.” It begins like this: I feel sorry for Jesus People won’t leave Him alone. I know He said, “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name…” but I’ll bet some days He regrets it.

Stubborn Devotion

Today’s scripture readings contains two stories which seem to be about stubborn devotion. The first is the story of the transfiguration, in which Jesus’ disciples remain steadfast at the top of a mountain even though they are absolutely terrified.

Through the Roof

The story of the healing of the paralytic not only left a literal hole in somebody’s roof, it also blew the lid off the common understanding of how God works and who gets privileges.