'resurrection' Tagged Posts

'resurrection' Tagged Posts

In Response…

As we conclude this journey through the Gospel of Mark, we arrive at both ending and beginning. This selected text includes a brief excerpt from the drama of Jesus’ arrest. But this isn’t where the story ends. When the world is at its darkest, the sun begins to rise. Just as Jesus has defied social norms throughout his life, he even defies death.

We Believe: Life Everlasting

This week’s focus is connected to the Easter story and resurrection. The mention of resurrection in the Apostles’ Creed is brief, so what impact does it have on our faith today?

Jesus Christ Superstar

This Sunday is Easter Sunday! We will have many ways of celebrating the day including a sunrise service with our neighbors from The Water’s Edge in Ocean Beach, a fundraiser breakfast, our traditional services including a brass quintet, and an Easter egg hunt for children.

Giving Up Death

This Sunday is Easter Sunday!! We conclude our Lenten series with the reminder that Jesus’ death and resurrection mean we are no longer subject to sin and death.


Dear friends… It is my hope that each of you are experiencing the season of Lent in profound ways. We continue this month in the exploration of the Gospel of Mark’s telling of the last week Jesus spent in Jerusalem. We’ve considered the contrast between Jesus’ procession into Jerusalem on a donkey and Pilate’s show of force as each came into the city for the Passover festival. We’ve explored the reasoning behind Jesus’ anger in the Temple the following day…