Uvalde vigil: remembrance, grief, faith and hope

Uvalde vigil: remembrance, grief, faith and hope

Because this is a 5th Sunday, Jesse Hodge, our Director of Education, planned the service and will provide leadership.  5th Sundays are designed to feature a variety of folks, including children and youth, who we don’t always get to see up front.  At the beginning of this week, we envisioned this coming Sunday in one way but have shifted directions after Tuesday’s shooting in Uvalde.  Jesse will “hold” the sermon he intended to offer this week and instead leads us today in a time of vigil.  We’ll remember the victims of this shooting, share our grief and tears and reaffirm our faith, holding fast to the hope we receive from God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

This Sunday we also hear a meaningful Memorial Day reflection from our own Pat Walker, a veteran and person of deep faith.

Come as you are and join us as we connect with God and one another, seeking to live more and more intentionally into our calling as people of a holy peace and love.

Scripture passages: Jeremiah 31:15; Revelation 21:1-4


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