The Power of Empty

The Power of Empty

This Sunday is the first Sunday in Lent.  We say “in” Lent and not “of” Lent because Sundays are considered “outside of Lent” with every Sunday being a “little Easter.” This forty day season traditionally begins with the account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. The temptation lasts…wait for it…forty days!  And it’s a text that reminds us that Jesus too experienced temptation to be someone other than God intended him to be.
Today we introduce our Lenten theme, “Full to the Brim.” We will contemplate what we need to “do” or “undo” in order to lean into the abundant life God offers. We will also explore the grace-filled reality that it is never entirely about our “doing” or “not doing” anything. We are ultimately dependent on God who offers us forgiveness and who guides us toward light and life. Join us on Sunday as we step into this deeply meaningful season and go with Jesus, and one another, into the wilderness.

Scripture passages: Luke 4:1-13



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