The Power of a Story

The Power of a Story

Today we are blessed to have Adam Marshall-Lopez with us to preach and lead in worship! This week’s text from 2 Samuel is a portion of a larger narrative and describes the encounter between David and the prophet, Nathan.  This section of scripture illustrates how life is a constant learning process and an on-going journey.  We are always on a path of discovering who we are and how we are in relationship with God, others and ourselves.  We have good moments and not-so-good moments and hopefully we can learn from them all.

In this week’s scripture passage, Nathan tells a story that serves as a “third thing” for David, a life experience that teaches him something important about himself, leading him to new levels of self-discovery and understanding. Join us this morning as Adam leads us through this intriguing passage and gives us the opportunity to reflect not only on David’s life but also on our own.

Scripture passage: 2 Samuel 11:26-12:13

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