Go Back to the Well

Go Back to the Well

Most would be confused or upset at the thought that “sorrow is better than laughter” like it states in Ecclesiastes 7:3. When we pretend that everything is okay, we are not handling our deep hurts and griefs—the only way to do that is to feel them and to open ourselves to healing. Putting on a happy face is not always right for our soul.

The servant found Rebecca at the well (Gen 24), Jacob found Rachel at the well (Gen 29), and the Samaritan woman found Jesus at the well (John 4). These Biblical figures went to the well because they knew that’s where they could get what they needed. Favorite and popular scripture passages are wells of inspiration, and God can choose to inspire us through any number of mediums… fiction, movies, nature, state parks, regular gatherings. Whenever you find yourself in need, go back to that well of inspiration.

Scripture passage: Ecclesiastes 7:1-14


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