Faces of Our Faith: Adam & Eve

Faces of Our Faith: Adam & Eve

This week marks the beginning of our six-week summer sermon series called Faces of Our Faith.  Each Sunday will connect us with a biblical ancestor, some well known to us and others much less so!  As we discover and explore their unique stories, we’ll also have an opportunity to reflect on our own.  Who are the biblical witnesses who have shaped our lives of faith?  What particular faces come to mind when we think of family members, friends, teachers, pastors, public figures who have impacted our lives of faith?  How might we be faces of our faith to and with one another?

Today we begin at the beginning…with Adam and Eve, focusing on the second creation story (yes, there are two of them!). This story looks less at the creation of the cosmos and more at God’s intention for human community. Join us as we explore this ancient text and ponder how Adam and Eve’s story might engage our own.

Scripture passage: Genesis 2:4b-35


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