"love" Tagged Sermons

"love" Tagged Sermons


Pastor Bob will explore faith as a journey that moves us ever-forward toward God’s holy love.

In Perpetuity

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and Pastor Bob explores the idea of a love that is so pervasive that we are both transformed by it and – in our transformation – called to give of the love we receive.

Always Love

Pastor Bob explores the idea of “laying down our lives for our friends,” and considers the broad implications of doing so.

Storms & Giants

In this concluding sermon in the series on Questioning God, Pastor Bob explores the theological concept of “theodicy” with the question, “Why does God let bad things happen?”

Free Grace

Pastor Bob continues the sermon series “Questioning God” with a sermon on forgiveness including an excerpt from John Wesley’s sermon by the same name.

Seeing God

Pastor Bob begins the “Questioning God” series by addressing the question, “Can we see God?”