Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

You Are So Very Loved

Join us as we take a deeper look at mental health awareness together and share what each of us can do to be a support and comfort to others.

Trinity = Community

This Sunday we celebrate Trinity Sunday while we begin a new sermon series on Community. Come for a time of learning, but also time to get to know one another during this series designed to help us build connection!

Step Toward… Your Siblings in Abraham

We continue a new short Lectionary series called #ThreeSteps in a Christian’s Walk,. This Sunday we explore Paul’s reminder of God’s covenant with all of Abraham’s descendants.


This Sunday we conclude our sermon series as we explore justice, compassion, grace, disgrace, and our own place and promise in God’s creation. We will also celebrate Holy Communion, and this week do so using a more formal – and musical! – liturgy.


This week Pastor Christopher continues the conversation on “suffering with Christ” with an acknowledgment of the difficulties of doing so…


This Sunday we continue our series that parallels Paul’s letter to the church of Rome alongside Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Handmaid’s Tale,” examining the responsibilities that come with freedom.
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